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Producer- Heart of Europe Media, s.r.o.

The second edition of RIVER FILM FEST 2010 will be organised by Heart of Europe Media Ltd which has been active in the field of arts since 1994. Among other activities, Heart of Europe Media co-produced Jan Svankmajer´s feature film FAUST, organised Peter Gabriel’s WOMAD festival as part of the official Prague 2000 European City of Culture programme (where it was judged 3rd. “Most Successful Experience” of all 470 Prague 2000 projects”), and collaborated with Peter Gabriel on his world-wide project SMALL PLACES TOUR 2008. Heart of Europe Media is currently developing an ecology TV series for children with the South African explorer Mike Horn. CEO is Michael Havas, long-term dramaturge at the Summer Film School and co-organiser of various other activities by the Association of Czech Cinema Clubs (British Film Week etc.). In 2009 Heart of Europe Media organised the first edition of RIVER FILM FEST in Písek.

Exectuve committee:

President - Michael Havas (Heart of Europe Media)

Documentary filmmaker (FAMU, Prague Film Academy), Michael Havas has written, directed or produced more than 50 international co-productions. Films he has worked on have won awards in France, UK, Switzerland, Czech Republic, USA, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. A recurring theme in his work is contextual awareness and minority cultures. Havas has worked with international artists from all over the world, including Sir Peter Ustinov, Erich von Däniken, Michael Frayn, Peter Gabriel, Axel Corti, Michael Palin, David Crystal etc. 1984-1993 he co-produced many of Jan Svankmajer´s films, including ALICE and FAUST. In 2000 Havas brought Peter Gabriel´s WOMAD World Music festival to Prague. In recent years he has specialised in cultural multi-disciplinary projects. 2001-2007 Havas organised many retrospectives for Summer Film School in Uherské Hradiště and was instrumental in introducing Czech audiences to international personalities such Peter Arnett, Harry Sinclair, Sir Tom Stoppard, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, John Cleese, David Crystal, Glen Hansard, Mark Dornford-May, Mika Kaurismaeki etc. He is a member of the EKOFILM International Jury and is responsible for the TOURFILM Life Achievement Award. In 2009 Havas was appointed President of RIVER FILM FEST.

Main Festival Coordinator - Markéta Havasová (Heart of Europe Media)

CEO of Heart of Europe Media. Since 2000 has collaborated on various Heart of Europe Media projects. Co-produced WOMAD (Peter Gabriel´s famous World Music Festival, presented as part of Praha 2000 – European city of culture), OPENING CEREMONY for the World Presidents´ Organization (a multimedia history of Prague, presented in the Estates Theatre), CRYSTALLINE UNIVERSE PRAGUE (project development for a multimedia exhibition for Swarovski, Austria). In 2009 Markéta Havasová was appointed Festival Coordinator.

Financial Manager - Ivana Nováková

A graduate from the Applied Economics Faculty of the University of Agriculture in Prague, Ivana has been working as accountant in private and non-profit sectors since 1992. In 1998 she began working as chief accountant at the University of Applied Arts and has headed the economic department there since 2004. During 2006-2007 she filled in as registrar at the same university. Ivana was appointed chief accountant for the inaugural edition of River Film Fest in Písek in 2009.


Pavla Bergmannová: The Polish film of moral anxiety; News from Visegrad

Ms Bergmannová graduated in cinema science and has been a long-term collaborator on most ACFK (Association of Czech cinema clubs) activities such as Summer Film School, British Film Seminar, Archive Seminar. Her speciality is Visegrad cinema. In recent years Ms Bergmannová was responsible for SFS programme cycles such as Film and Nature, Film and Old Age. She is also organiser of the multi-genre festival Krizovatky/Crossroads, Olomouc and currently heads the department of culture dramaturgy at the University of Silesia, Opava. AT River Film Fest 2009 Ms. Bergmannová was responsible for The World of Josef K., News from Visegrad and edited the official festival catalogue.

Tereza Brdečková: A history of French cinema

Film critic, author, publicist and dramaturge for many film festivals and TV programmes. After 1989 worked briefly as dramaturge for the Barrandov Film Studios (1990-1992). In 1991 Ms Brdecková was Programme Director for the International Karlovy Vary Festival, from 1999-2003 programme director and later (2004-2006) Head Dramaturge for Febiofest. As film critic, journalist and editor active in Respekt, Lidové noviny, Týden, Czech Radio and the Czech section of the BBC. Has published in various dailies as well as magazines like Cinema, Ceský deník, Film a doba, Hospodárské noviny, Literární noviny, Nová prítomnost, Prazský deník, Prostor, Scéna, Tvár, Vecerník Praha. In 1995 she won the Literary Foundation’s Silver Quail award for “Best Cultural Column”. Has worked for SFS since 1993 as translator, author of texts and lector introducing films at screenings. In 2007 chaired SFS´s most prestigious and largest panel discussion (Václav Havel, David Crystal, Jirina Siklová and others) on the theme of FILM AND OLD AGE.

Michael Havas: Belle Époque

viz. above

Martin Jiroušek: Belle Époque

Film critic and publicist specialising particularly on the poetics of the Golden Age of Cinema (i.e. the silent movies) as well as on the poetics of unconventional horror in cinema. Graduating in cinema science in 1998 from the faculty of theory and history of art at the Palacky University in Olomouc, Martin Jiroušek wrote on cult authors in Italian genre movies for the magazine Premiere. Together with translator and cinema theoretician Luďek Janda Jiroušek produced a festival of European horror called Nosferatu in Brno in 2002. He also produced an extensive cycle on Italian genre films (Mondo Italiano) for Masaryk University in Brno. Jiroušek currently lectures on cultural dramaturgy at the Silesian University in Opava. In 2009 he coined the term “Baudelairian Film” as a mirror reflection of literary decadence, naturalism and symbolism in cinema. For many years he has been lecturing on cinema language in relation to literature and visual arts for middle schools. In 2009 he organised a programme cycle devoted to Edgar Allan Poe for the Ostrava Minikino complex.

Galina Kopaněva: The Polish film of moral anxiety

One of the most significant film critics, publicists and lecturers on cinema in the Czech Republic. A FAMU (Prague Film Academy) graduate of 1957, Ms Kopaněvá worked as editor for Orbis Publishers and for the leading Czech monthly Film a doba during 1964-76. Since 1977 she has been lecturing on cinema history at the faculty for theatre and cinema science at Charles University as well as at FAMU. Ms. Kopaněvá has been chairwoman of the evaluation panel for doctoral theses at Charles University and is currently an active member of the FAMU artistic council. She was a co-founder of the cinema club movement in Czechoslovakia and is still a regular lecturer at selected screenings; Ms Kopaněvá acts as dramaturge for the Summer Film School and is in charge of the programme at the Seminar on Russian film in Veselí nad Moravou. She is responsible for the programme cycle East of West at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Her profuse publications in specialist magazines, catalogues and newspapers both at home and abroad contribute significantly to international awareness of East European cinema (in the Czech Republic) and Czech cinema (abroad).

Jan Lukeš – Diagnosis of Time, Czech Films, related programme cycles

A highly respected literary and film critic, historian, editor and author of many books and publications on literature and film, Jan Lukeš was up till 1994 editor-in-chief for culture at Lidové noviny. In 1994 he was appointed head of publications at the National Film Archive. Since 1999 Lukeš has been script writer and presenter of the TV literary revue Třistatřicettři. From 1989-1998, together with his wife Ivana Lukešová, he edited the Summer Film School newsletter Filmové listy, after which he was appointed dramaturge for Czech and Slovak cinema at SFS (2006-2007) and guarantor for programmes with Václava Havla at SFS. Lukeš also works as dramaturge for Finále Plzeň. He is the originator and scriptwriter of a series of TV portraits of filmmakers from the 1960´s, directed by Martin Šulík and produced by Čestmír Kopecký. For RFF 2010 Jan Lukeš has come up with a new programme cycle: Diagnosis of Time.

Ivana Lukešová- Diagnosis of Time, Czech Films, related programme cycles

Secretary of Iluminace, the National Film Archive´s official magazine on the history and theory of cinema, Ivana is also technical editor for the NFA, assistant director of the TV magazine 333 and assistant producer for the TV series THE GOLDEN SIXTIES. During 1989-1998 she acted as editor of Filmové listy and special editions published as part of Project 100. At RFF 2009 Ivana contributed to The Golden 60s and Czech Film.

Lucie Němečková: Theatre, poetry readings

Theatre dramaturge, translator and publicist, Lucie Němečková is director of the Creative Africa Festival – We are all Africans. She collaborates with the theatres Goose on a String, Klicper Theatre and the International Festival of European Regional Theatre in Hradec Králové. In recent years Lucie Němečková was involved as guarantor for theatre events at the Summer Film School in Uherské Hradiště and took up the same position at River Film Fest 2009.

Ivo Pospíšil: Concerts

During the 1970´s Ivo Pospíšil worded with the bands Plastic People of the Universe and DG 307 and played bass guitar for The Old Teenagers resp. Classic Rock ´n´ Roll Band. 1980 till 1993 mark his most famous project to date: the band Garage. Thanks to Ivo this group was able to perform with two great individuals from the Czech modern and post modern scene: Milan Hlavsa and Tony Ducháček.
After the fall of communism in 1989 the popularity of Garage grew but in 1993 Pospíšil was thrown out of the group by other members. In 1992 he co-founded Prague´s famous Radost FX club where he still runs a shop distributing hard-to-come-by music. Pospíšil has assembled several compilation CDs for gramophone companies, helped produce a CD and LP for The Plastic People of the Universe and together with Ivan Král produced a CD called Erotic Revue. For two years he was one of ten members of the Czech Music Academy. Ivo was instrumental in organising a memorial plaque for Mejla Hlavsa at Ječná St. No. 7. During the 1990´s he helped re-launch the solo career of world famous guitarist and music producer, Ivan Král, and became a member of Král´s Bang Bang band. Ivo is founder and bass guitarist of the Estrada band. Among other activities he helped establish the B-Cult Festival, an A-Grade festival of B-Grade movies. Currently he can be heard on Prague´s Radio 1 as Tea Jay Ivo.

Jindřich Štreit: Exhibitions

The Czech Republic’s leading and most respected photographer. Since 1964 Jindřich Štreit has taken part in more than 300 exhibitions on 4 continents and participated in many international workshops and symposia. Since his first solo exhibition in 1967 Mr Streit has held more than 600 individual exhibitions in various European countries and abroad. In the 1970´s he began to support and organise exhibitions by other artists and was able to extend this after 1989. During the 1980´s established an unofficial cult event by organising exhibition openings (vernissages) for Czech and Slovak artists in Sovinec, the small Moravian village where Mr Štreit lives. As lecturer at the Institute for Creative Photography at the University of Silesia in Opava he organises regular workshops for his students and in particular long-term photography projects which continue to record everyday village and city life. Since 1990 he has devoted himself to humanitarian and charity work. Jindřich Štreit has received many national and international awards. From 1997-2007 he was responsible for exhibitions at SFS. Mr Štreit is currently dramaturge responsible for all exhibitions at River Film Fest in Písek.

Programme Co-ordinator:

Štěpán Hulík

A graduate of Charles University in film studies (2009), Štěpán is currently studying script writing and dramaturgy at the Prague Film Academy, FAMU. During 2000-2007 he was a member of the production team at the Summer Film School in Uherské Hradiště. From 2008-2009 he worked as dramaturge or programme editor at Prague´s Ořechovka Kino where he was responsible for programmes such as Curtain Call, Slovakia´s Golden 60s and the largest-ever retrospective of Rumanian cinema to be held in the Czech Republic: Rumania´s Nouvelle Vague (in co-operation with the Cultural Institute of Rumania). In 2009 he programmed the film section of the multi-genre festival Blue Days in Vysočina. At the first edition of River Film Fest (Festival nad řekou) in Písek, 2009, Štěpán was responsible for organising introductory lectures and panel discussions.


PR department:

Markéta Zámyslická: Media, PR

In 1995 Markéta Zámyslická began work as producer for Czech Radio. In 2000, following the birth of her audio handicapped son, she opted for a freelance career and worked as make-up expert and graphic designer in the Kellyan studios in Prague for video clips, ads, billboards etc. (e.g. Dan Nekonečný, Panzani, Playboy, etc.). From 2002 she provided post-production (editing, titles, graphics) and text editing on the first virtual TV Real Estate programme, Reality Report. Markéta Zámyslická facilitated PR and post-production for national Czech Biketrial champion Tomáš Zedek. In 2007 she produced the opening event and exhibition of paintings by national painter Albína Kazak-Schmidtová. Proceeds from an auction held at this event were donated to the Motol Hospital children´s ward. In 2008 she provided PR, media support, text correction and TV spot editing for the inaugural edition of Prague´s Celebrations. In 2009 she provided PR and media support for Marek Škarpa´s and Petr Korečka´s 2010 Metamorphosis calendar. Markéta Zámyslická has been working with RIVER FILM FEST since its inception in 2009.

Joska Skalník: Festival Artist

After completing his studies at the School for Industrial Art (applied graphics) Joska Skalník worked as a sign writer and background painter for the State Theatre Studio where he was later appointed graphic artist. In 1976 he worked for the Prague Cultural Centre. Since 1977 he has been the in-house artist for Prague´s famous Činoherní Club theatre. In 1971 he became co-founder of the independent cultural organisation, The Jazz Section. In 1988 he co-founded the free creative centre Open Dialogue and in November, 1989, co-founded Civic Forum. Skalník is the author of many individual projects and has worked with Ctibor Turba on Circus Alfred and other events as well as for Divadlo na provázku and the Odeon publishing house. He has produced many artistic projects for jazz and rock bands. Joska Skalník continues to exhibit regularly at home and abroad.

Gabriela Koulová: PR, texts

Graduate of the Theatre and Film Faculty of Charles University, Gabriela Koulová worked for many years in the National Film Archives as dramaturge, liaising with film clubs; later she developed and edited the NFA´s periodical ILUMINACE. Following the Velvet Revolution in 1989 she co-founded the monthly magazine CINEMA and worked for several years as catalogue editor for Febiofest and the Summer Film School. During 1993-1996 she published several tens of publications on film scripts and adaptations of literary works (such as Schindler´s List, Accumulator, I love you in blue etc.). After several years in the publication department of TV Prima and freelancing for various magazines she is currently working for Czech TV´s magazine ČT+, the monthly magazine CINEMA and on a series of publications devoted to the phenomenon of TV series.


Jan Dvořák: production

After completing his gymnasium in Třeboň 22-year-old Jan began working as technical assistant at the Culture Information Centre in Třeboň and can look back on 7 years of active contribution to the cultural life of his region. In recent years his activities have broadened in scope, with Jan organising music concerts in South Bohemia and working for the international animation film festival Anifest as well as its successor Anifilm. He was also involved as production assistant on the 65th Anniversary Celebrations of the liberation of the Czech Republic. In 2009 he worked as Production assistant on the first edition of River Film Fest where he made a significant contribution to the success of this in augural festival.

Alexandra Lánská: management consultant, head of accreditation

After graduating in 2001 from the Film School in Písek Alexandra Lánská worked as producer on TV documentaries by director Martin Slunečka: Czech Paradise – Paradise in the Hearts of Czechs, The World of Magic Towers, An ABC of Ecology or Angels at Breath´s End from the TV series of art documentaries entitled “If you must, you must”. Leading Czech documentary film makers such as Helena Třeštíková, Tomáš Škrdlant, Robert Sedláček, Martin Slunečko and others contributed to this programme. Alexandra specialises in production management of cultural programmes – organising social, sports and education events as well as producing audio-visual programmes. As the Event Director for ALEX Productions she also organises company events, outdoor activities, conferences etc. In 2009 she was head of accreditation for the inaugural edition of River Film Fest in Písek.

Daniel Vališ: head of Guest Service

Dan Vališ is currently reading for his MA in General Anthropology at the Faculty of Human Science, Charles University in Prague. As an Irish uilleann pipe player Dan has performed in the Czech Republic and abroad with bands such as Czechomor, The Weltmeisters, Bardoi, Keltieg, Czech Heart and others. He is an active member of Offline Studio, a civic association committed to organising socio-cultural events (music and crafts workshops, concerts, combined evenings etc.) and to providing a home base for musicians in need of rehearsal rooms and recording facilities. Every year in summer Dan helps organise summer camp for children in South Bohemia. As production assistant he has worked on various TV spots and cultural events.

Martin Gross: Off Events

Graduate of Prague´s University of Economics, Martin Gross is shareholder and CEO of GH Production Co. Ltd since its inception in 1993. Since 1994 he has produced many major music concerts in Prague: Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Luciano Pavarotti, U 2, José Carreras, David Bowie, the E. T. JAM festivals, Oasis, Phil Collins, Genesis, Scorpions, Vanessa Mae, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, Mike Oldfield, Nick Cave, Pet Shop Boys, Yes, REM, Carmina Burana and others. In 2000 Gross collaborated with Heart of Europe Media as producer of Peter Gabriel´s WOMAD Go Praha Festival as part of the PRAHA 2000 – European City of Culture celebrations. Apart from music concerts GH Production Co. produces sports events (since 2007 all local Davis Cup and Fed Cup competitions are organised by GHP) and has produced 8 permanent exhibitions in various memorial objects in Prague. 2001-2003 Gross acted as consultant during the construction and furbishing of Sazka Arena in Prague (one of Europe´s largest sports and events stadia). He is currently working as consultant on the Janáček Cultural Centre in Brno.

Petr Velebný: IT


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