Festival nad Řekou 2010

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Programme cycles

RFF is based on a unique programme dramaturgy which comprises three main programme cycles which determine the content and atmosphere of the entire festival.

Brazil The world of Joseph K.: Brazil

Although the main chapters change each year their structure and strategy remain unaltered. The key programme cycle (such as The world of Josef K. in 2009, which explored Franz Kafka’s influence on world culture and cinema) is always devoted to a topical cultural and social phenomenon; the other two Main Cycles present an overview of a given national cinema (A history of French Cinema) and finally a programme chapter which will deal with a central moral issue: The Polish Film of Moral Anxiety.

Piotr Dumala Personalities and anniversaries: Piotr Dumala

These programme cycles are supplemented by traditional cycles which are repeated annually: Personalities and anniversaries, Festival echoes and News from Visegrad.

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